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Founded in 2002, GeoTek Alaska, Inc. is a recognized leader in the application of direct push technology and geophysical services in Alaska.  We have completed numerous projects throughout this great state, from Prudhoe Bay to Anchorage and Adak to Skagway.

GeoTek Alaska specializes in the acquisition of subsurface data for both the environmental and geotechnical professional communities. If your needs involve the characterization of the subsurface for either environmental assessments or geotechnical soil analysis, we have the expertise and the instrumentation required to achieve your objectives.

Our capabilities range from the acquisition of soil, soil gas, and groundwater samples to the full suite of data requirements for a comprehensive site model.  We are capable of providing real time, in-situ detection of contaminants, field screening of contaminants using a gas chromatograph, and subsurface injection of remediation materials.    Additionally, we provide a wide range of geophysical services for environmental, geotechnical, and geohazard applications. GeoTek Alaska, Inc. is fully insured to meet the requirements of our clients, government agencies, and the professional community.  We stand ready to assist with your environmental, geotechnical, and geophysical data acquisition needs with a commitment to providing a value added service.
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Triad Approach

The Triad approach manages hazardous waste site cleanup decision-making uncertainty using improved technologies and better scientific methods, resulting in accelerated schedules, reduced project costs, and improved remedial outcomes. More >

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